Solution for Hospitality Industry

To excel at providing professional services, hotels need to make an all-around improvement to their communication infrastructure.

Intense competition in hotel industry drives hoteliers to pursue the high efficiency of communications and information management system. More advanced and specialized communication solution not only facilitates hotel operations but also ensures high-quality guest experience and nourishes guest loyalty. Integrating IP communications is an indispensable aspect. With the IP communications system, guests can enjoy voice and video communications at a low expense; hotel staff collaboration is also enhanced.

Reception desk, guest rooms, concierge, common area, and hotel back office all require some kind of phone availability.

YeastarHotel App is a value-added service delivered via the S-Series VoIP PBX App Center.It integrates rich IP PBX features with advanced hospitality functionalities to offer easy hotel management and improve operational efficiency.

Integration of Yeastartelephone system and Hotel Management Software / Property Management System can help hoteliers to streamline operations, unleash manpower, retain client data, and have timely records

The versatile Yeastar S-Series PBX utilizes analog and IP phones and provides PSTN, E1/T1/PRI, BRI, GSM, WCDMA and VoIP connectivity to lower communication costs.

YeastarHotel App empowers small and medium hotels to intuitively manage the booking, check-in and check-out service, arrange hotel wake up call, check the status of each room, offer mini-bar service, and run personalized billing reports and other daily operational tasks, greatly improving the customer services.

YeastarHotel App Features

General Features

  • Booking
  • Check-in / Check-out
  • Group Checkout
  • Schedule Wake-up Calls
  • Call between Room Phones
  • Set Do Not Disturb
  • Guest List: the Hotel App will keep the guest information if the guest has stayed in the hotel before.
  • Booking List
  • Email Template: for the booking (or the booking cancel) confirmation email.


  • Billing Report: view, manage and download billing reports at ease.
  • Call Rate: used to charge the external calls made on the room phones. It’s your decision to set different call rates for calls of different destination, time duration, and etc.
  • Hourly Stay
  • Holiday:  set your holiday time/date range. The room price will automatically change to Holiday Price when the holiday comes.
  • Mini Bar: set minibar items and record minibar consumption.

Room Operation and Management

  • Room List: On the Room List page, you can check the room status, check the room guest’s information, and also perform multiple operations like check-in/out,  room status change, move room for guests, etc.
  • Room Groups: After checking in the guests, you can group the guest’s rooms if they are a team group or tour group.
  • Room Type: Set standard room, business room, etc. with different price settings.
  • Display Room Status
  • Set Room Status by Extensions: The hotel cleaner can dial the relevant feature codes on the room phone to change the room status.
  • Change Room: You can change the guest room with any free/vacant room. If the guest had made outbound calls or consumed mini bar items in the previous room, the system will automatically add the charges into the bill.
  • Locked When Checkout: The room phone will be locked automatically if the guest checked out the room.

PMS integration with hotel telephone system makes automatic guestroom phone related operations and effortless internal communications possible.

Integration of hotel telephone system and Hotel Management Software / Property Management System is frequently required by the hoteliers to streamline operations, unleash manpower, retain client data, and provide timely records.

The combination of YeastarIP-PBX and 3rd party PMS middleware enhances the centralisedor on-property features for the hotelier. And hotels will be able to:

  • Check-in and check-out
  • Manage room status via the room phone
  • Schedule wake-up calls
  • Transfer call data records to your PMS
  • Receive voice messages
  • Set Do Not Disturb

Hotel PMS Supported by char/Easylynq

  • ASSD
  • Hiltons OnQ
  • IDPMS (Hotel Concepts)
  • MICROS-Fidelio
  • Protel

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